Schools Financial Value Standard

Schools Financial Value Standard Blog post

Providing assurance, to your governing body, around whether your school is meeting the basic financial standards is important (to say the least!). However, something even more vital is understanding that data and having the confidence and ability to implement change based on your findings.

The schools financial value standard is a tool that helps to provide the assurance that your school is achieving a good level of financial health and resource management. The tool can be used to identify possible areas for change to ensure that resources are being used to support high-quality teaching and the best education outcomes for pupils.

The SFVS is mandatory for all LA schools to complete the SFVS tool and the deadline for the 18/19 return was Friday 15th March 2019. In addition to completing the tool, schools must provide a progress update against the actions recorded in previous year’s Self-Assessments.  See further details regarding this below.

The 19/20 SFVS tool and guidance is now available.

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Contact us at Education Evolution for support in completing, understanding and implementing necessary change as a result of your findings.

A similar version for academies is also available. See our School Resource Management blog for more details.